Striker Trophy become the best striker of all time! (Video)

Striker Trophy, the third game from Thumbie Games, brings all the flavor of the craziest 90’s arcade games with football as the main theme, here’s your chance to become the best striker of all time!

Choose your team, create your player, sign the contract and start running without looking back. You’ll have to avoid some flying obstacles or perhaps jump over a few of them and at the same time collect the coins falling from the stands to enhance your strike rate. The game becomes more challenging with each passing level, so recruit new players, perhaps a world famous star and don’t forget to use the ‘invulnerable moment’ in case you do not wish to lose any more lives. Do not forget to fight for the best results compared to the rest of the world, let the games begin.

Platforms: Google Play (available in soft release for France, México and Spain) and Apple Store (Coming soon)
Compatibility: iOS 6.0 Android 2.3.1 Gingerbread
Genre: Arcade-Sports or lateral button mashing
Graphic Engine: Unity3D

· Customize your player or purchase a star.
· Many levels, filled with several objectives to complete.
· Enjoy the football atmosphere.
· Achieve maximum number of coins.
· Invest in improving your player.
· Get the best result.
· Share your recruits.
· Will you become the best striker? Go for it.