Stronghold Defender – resist the fierce invaders.

This old truth is once again confirmed, only passive waiting does not lead to victory and sometimes it is necessary to unsheathe a weapon. This idea is materialised into a form of mobile entertainment by the new freemium title by the Inlogic Software – Stronghold Defender.

Banská Bystrica, 11th September 2012: The Inlogic software s.r.o. presents a new action game named Stronghold Defender with the main topic being the defence of the castle against enemies.

The enemy is in front of the gates, save your lives, if you can! It is one of the possible scenarios, but this is not going to be the case. There is an excellent way offered here, to stand against the attacking hordes face to face and convince them that their attack was a mistake, the last one in their lives.

This time, however, you do not unsheathe your sword or shoot arrows, now you go defending as a wizard, so not only metal is on your side, but also the magic. As the attacks become stronger and stronger and more intensive, you must not get inferior. Plenty of improvements are available; they can help you defend your fortifications. New types of magic, utility items or weapons and equipments represent a chance to survive. The improvements are more than necessary, on the battle field you are going to encounter five different types of enemies, and after certain number of levels also their forceful commanders.

What is absolutely the best? The whole game is absolutely free, moreover, you can by additional improvements, so the player alone decides what to buy and for how much!

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