Stunt Guy 2.0

Kempt is pleased to announce that the 1.3 update for Stunt Guy 2.0 has been released onto the App Store. It features a new wheel of fortune gameplay mode starring Mr Banana, a “rich bloke” who wants to invest in the Magnificent Stunts.

Stunt Guy 2.0 v 1.3 features…
– Adds “Bananatime” wheel of fortune mode that bears absolutely no resemblance to any entrepreneur focused TV programmes.
– Re-balanced gameplay which has been de-AngryBirdsGo’d
– Enhances Challenge mode heavily with more varied gameplay, better leaderboards and all new “paramedic” for higher scores.
– Adds two new 5-level packs – taking the total to 35 levels over 12 hours of gameplay!

About Stunt Guy 2.0
Crash and smash into the movie business as Guy and Gail Stunt, clinging to the roof of a car as it carves swathes of destruction through an explosive film set. Jump cars, pull wheelies, smash barricades, drift, squash squirrels, jump canyons, explode and faceplant through 40+ levels and collect loads of awesome stunt cars too!

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