Sumba, an original puzzle game with a jungle of numbers to add, available now on both Android & IOS, the next 2048? (Video)

Sumba looks like 2048 game: a grid and numbers. However the gameplay is fully different as the game is about making a sequence of basic additions using available numbers without getting blocked (a number used 3 times disappears and reduce your addition options).

Key features
· Original gameplay around numbers
· Simple to understand and to play
· Addictive (player’s sessions last 10mn on average)
· Hours of play with 50 unique levels
· Challenging and 4 game difficulties, including a timer for advanced players
· Good for everyone, from kids to senior people, men and women
· Beautiful graphics around treasure search theme
· Good feedback from first players (5 stars average)
· Short games, perfect when we have few minutes available (transport, queue, toilets, bed…)
· Having fun and a brain improving at the same time
All in all, Sumba is an original game with numbers which people are very likely to appreciate. The next 2048?

Pricing & Availability
Sumba is free to download with the first 20 levels available. Remaining ones can be unrevealed either by watching videos or by full version purchase ($1.99 / 1.99€).