Superstar Games Releases Chicklings Fly Fly for iOS.

We’ve seen birds get angry and we’ve seen birds flap their wings but now it’s time to see them fly in Chicklings Fly Fly!

Chicklings Fly Fly is a game about flying newly hatched Chicks up to the safety of
their Home Rockets. There are a few things you need to know about these Chicks:
They like to stick together, they like to fly high and they don’t like to be LEFT BEHIND!


– Free to play
– Endless flier game
– Multi touch and tilt controls
– Progressively challenging gameplay
– Continue with 100 coins
– Jetpacks let Chicklings hover
– Safety Helmets stop Chicklings getting hurt
– Crown Chickling is followed by all flying Chicklings
– Highscore moments are captured and easily shared



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