SURVIVOR SQUAD: GAUNTLETS – Update #5 – 90% performance improvement and community suggestions!

Survivor Squad: Gauntlets latest update features a lot of changes behind the scenes resulting in a 90% performance improvement! Background mesh also looks better since now particles are correctly sorted based on when they were created.

Survivors can now be toggled to attack only targets in their field of view. Using this you can ensure that each Survivor covers his area and doesn’t rotate 180 degrees to aim at an enemy that someone else saw! Very useful and provides more control to the player.

Also in this update are 2 Event Actions suggested by community member 0Bennyman, Escape.Start_Timer and Escape.Finish_Gauntlet. So you can start the escape timer when you want or finish the Gauntlet manually during a cutscene or at any time.

Full Patch Notes:

Survivor Squad: Gauntlets is a Strategy-Action game where you command your squad of survivors through various Gauntlets filled with devious traps whilst fighting the Infected!

Control your Squad from a top-down perspective commanding each individual Survivor. Line of sight is very important so you must move your Survivors as a unit and cover every corner. Don’t let yourself be caught off guard!

In Survivor Squad: Gauntlets you can create your own or play the various Gauntlets that have been built by the community and compete in a global leaderboard!

Create your Gauntlets using a very powerful editor that lets you place all kinds of Objects and interact with them through dozens of possible Event Actions. Your imagination is the limit!

It is currently available on Steam Early Access for $8.99

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