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Swinging Stupendo, coming soon on Google Play and the App Store.

Soar to stardom in the Big Top with Stupendo in this one-of-a-kind endless grapple and swing game! The star of the show, Stupendo, is a natural born acrobat, daredevil, and entertainer. He lives for the thrills and inevitable spills of performing absurdly dangerous and (literally) electrifying stunts in a bid to win the applause and adoration of his stupefied spectators.

Just tap to start the show and help swing Stupendo to new heights and a new high score! Defy the laws of physics, gracefully spin and sail over electrified obstacles, but don’t get zapped or Stupendo’s performance will come to a shocking (albeit amusing) end!

Once you have the swing of it, see how far you can propel Stupendo – the further you go, the more challenging and spectacular the show… and the bigger the score! Hang in there and blow up your score when you fly through floating balloon hoops!

Top the leaderboard in challenge mode, with new and unique levels every day designed to test your grappling skills to the limit, or play random mode for a sizzling new grapple course with every turn! Auto-record your best performances to share with friends and challenge them to see who is the ultimate King of Swing!

Swinging Stupendo is coming soon to the App Store and Google Play. Don’t miss it!

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