Tactile Entertainment Announces ‘Skyline Skaters’ is Now Available for iOS on the US App Store

Danish mobile developer Tactile Entertainment today announced that Skyline Skaters is now available for iOS download in the iTunes App Store exclusively in the United States. A new heart-pumping rooftop skateboard endless runner for iOS, Skyline Skaters launched in Germany three weeks ago and reached the #2 slot in the Top Overall Chart within 48 hours of launch and now is available to US players.

In Skyline Skaters players must make daring jumps from building to building, collecting coins and special power-ups while avoiding police helicopter pursuits and a variety of obstacles. Skyline Skaters is now available in the United States free-to-play in the iTunes App Store. The game will launch globally on Thursday, April 3rd.

“We are happy to announce today that Skyline Skaters is now available in the United States and will be launched globally on Thursday”, said Asbjoern Malte Soendergaard, CEO of Tactile Entertainment. “Skyline Skaters received great player reviews from Germany when we launched it there last month, and we know that this game will also appeal to audiences worldwide with its fun, light-hearted yet intense endless runner action”.

About Skyline Skaters:
In this adrenaline-fueled endless runner, players must avoid police capture and dangerous pitfalls between skyscrapers while trying to collect as many coins and power-ups as they can. Players can choose between four different characters – Matt, Christy, Barry and Mia – each with special abilities, such as triple jump, shield or grinding bonus. Skaters also have a choice of 25 different upgradeable skateboard types that also offer various bonuses in terms of score and how many coins can be collected. Special boards also have capabilities to increase the coin collection exponentially when skaters hit a streak of coins in-game, and others reward players based on how many friends they have. Skyline Skaters even has a special night/day cycle, which coincides with real time.

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