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Tales of Hearts™ R for the PlayStation®Vita

Get straight to the heart of the matter! Tales of Hearts™ R for the PlayStation®Vita launches in one week, and BANDAI NAMCO Games Europe today reveals new screenshots and details on Spiria, the essence that governs a person’s soul and plays a huge role in the Tales of Hearts R world. When players embark on their adventure with the story’s main character, Kor Meteor, they will discover that a wide-spread epidemic called Despir has affected entire towns, and the only solution is for a Somatic such as Kor to purify their Spiria Core.

Kor must perform a Spiria Link to gain access to their Spiria Nexus, a maze made entirely of a person’s Spiria that will appear as an eerily beautiful dreamscape. However, adventurers beware! The Spiria Nexus will be filled with many enemies known as Xerom, which are harmful, Spiria-devouring infestations resulting from an errant Spiria Core.

For all Kor & Kohaku’s fans, pre-ordering the game will grant them a set of 3 free DLCs:
· The Legacy Costume of Caius from Tales of The Tempest™ for Kor
· The Legacy Costume of Marta from Tales of Symphonia™ Dawn of the New WorldTM for Kohaku
· The Legacy Costume of Malik from Tales of Innocence™ for Gall

On top of the above pre-order offer, all ‘Tales Of’ lovers buying the Soma Link edition, its day one edition, will be offered a set of free Tales of Vesperia™ outfits for Ines, Kunzite, and Beryl! Each Soma Link Edition box contains a participation code to take part in the grand draw to win 1 of the 5 exclusive Japanese Collector’s Editions! These Collector’s Editions are unique, due to their content:
· Japanese Collector’s editions of Tales of Hearts R signed by the team
· A unique ‘congratulations video’ from Hideo Baba himself (Producer on the Tales Of series) will be shot for each winner
· A personalised outer case with the name of each winner will be created for the occasion.

Restore balance and save the world from a foreboding future when Tales of Hearts R launches in Europe and Australasia on the PlayStation®Vita on November 14th, 2014 (12th November for Digital version on PlayStation®Network). For more information regarding Tales of Hearts R and the TALES OF franchise please visit, TalesOfGame.com, www.Facebook.com/Tales,www.twitter.com/TalesofU and www.bandainamcogames.co.uk/

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