TapStar Interactive Launches Immortal Legends (Video)

TapStar Interactive today launched Immortal Legends for iOS and Android devices – a game that combines everything players love about both tower defense games and action RPGs. Created by Shanghai-based game developer, T-Rex Games, Immortal Legends features controllable and upgradeable, god-like heroes; a huge roster of allies to collect and upgrade; and heaps of loot to uncover.

Game features:
•Tower defense with an Action RPG twist◦Move your Heroes to where they’re needed most on the fly
◦Deploy your Allies as stationary towers along the path
◦Strategically make use of special powers and character transformations to succeed

•Upgrade your heroes and allies with an RPG-style character progression system
•Story and characters based on “Journey to the West” mythology\
•Control Monkey King, Pigsy and Sandy to protect Tripitaka
•115 Play modes across 23 unique maps
•Challenging mission progression encourages upgrading and discovering new strategies
•Collect and upgrade over 35 different monster allies