Team2Bit’s Fist Puncher Punches Fists, Hearts, Exclusively on OUYA

Team2Bit today brought their hit indie title, Fist Puncher, to the OUYA as the first of a two-game deal. Fist Puncher is the testosterone-packed brainchild of brothers Matt and Jake Lewandowski, and serves as their homage to the classic side-scrolling brawlers that they grew up with. With two new OUYA-exclusive characters (making it a total roster of 19) and 50 levels of hand-to-hand heroism, Fist Puncher will take players back to a simpler time when good was good, bad was bad, and fists were fists.

Fist Puncher is the first of two games that the Lewandowskis are bringing to OUYA this year. For now, the second is shrouded in secrecy, but fans can expect a pair of bitter rivals to join forces and determine the fate of the free world. For more details, head to the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco next month – the game will make its debut at the OUYA booth.
Fist Puncher will deliver the following kickass features:
•19 playable characters, including Dr. Karate, Steroid Jackson, Hella Fistgerald and the Beekeeper.
•Unique attacks and movesets for each character.
•RPG features allow you to assign attribute points to hone and sculpt your characters to your liking.
•Purchase perks including new moves and powers for your characters.
•Over 50 levels, from a nude beach to Hitler’s birthday party.
•99 unlockable achievement trading cards – collect them all!
•Over 100 collectible items.
•Attack with tasers, slingshots, guns, bombs and more.
•Throw cars, cows, dogs, street musicians and whatever else you can pick up.
•Four player local co-op.
•Sexy pixel art graphics – like living in 1988!

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