The Thief of Wishes, Interactive novel on all iOS devices.

With a new application based on traditional fairy tales, All Blue Studio allows the youngest ones to enjoy the experience of making decisions in interactive stories. “The Thief of Wishes” is available for all iOS devices in App Store.

Together with Catharine – a brave and charming heroine – the child and parents have a chance to discover the secret of a magic fountain. They will need to make a decision whether to save the inhabitants of the old, lovely town and remove the curse or maybe even punish the monster. But be careful! Not all fairy tales have a happy ending. Sometimes, however, the lesson from them is much more important than the safe future of its heroes.

The application develops creative thinking, reading skills, and explores themes such as fulfillment or giving up dreams, giving parents a convenient tool for discussing them with their kids. Over forty beautifully designed illustrations allow you to enjoy a story comparable to a real book. But this time it’s up to the readers to decide what the characters are talking about and how this story ends.

The application also has two modes: designed for self-reading or listening to the story read by a lector. It also includes a logical mini-game, and other ones are already in preparation.

▪ Atmosphere of traditional fairy tales
▪ Journey through two different worlds
▪ More than 40 beautiful pages
▪ Alternative dialogue options and endings
▪ Original music

Defend your dreams and try to defeat the cunning Thief!