Tidepool, a storytelling game world you code with conversation (Video)

This fall, Immuexa will release Tidepool, a storytelling game world with a natural language interface. Players code their characters by chatting with them. Nearly two years in development, Tidepool uses a custom-built game engine and multiplayer server that lets you sketch, animate, and share assets within non-linear, interactive stories.

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“To learn real game development,” says Falconer, lead designer, “you need a deep tool that lets you craft complex behavior without bogging you down with syntax and other technical cruft. Tidepool uses AI to make this easier. It also lets you watch players make choices, so you can improve your stories over time.
•essentially a hand-drawn MMO or MUD
•all content is player-made
•simple enough for children to use
•will include a recreation of Colossal Cave Adventure