Tomba! 2: The Great Adventure Bounds to the PlayStation®Network

One of the most anticipated PSone® games of all time, Tomba! 2: The Great Adventure, is now on the PlayStation®Network on for $9.99 from MonkeyPaw Games, Inc. for PlayStation®3, PSP® and PlayStation®Vita.

The wait is over – Tomba! 2 is here and it’s ready to be downloaded to your handhelds and console today. MonkeyPaw Games worked tirelessly to bring the sequel of the cult, retro hit Tomba! and is proud to be delivering on their promise to fans in North America. The game is presented in its original Japanese form – a true import. Players not fluent in Japanese can check the MonkeyPaw Games website for play-by-play instruction on how to progress.

Continuing the events of the original game, Tomba! is living happily until he gets an anonymous letter that his friend has been kidnapped. Not letting his friend disappear without a trace, Tomba! attempts to get to the bottom of the mystery. It quickly becomes apparent that pink colored animals with curly tails traditionally found on farms might hold some clues.

Tomba! 2 expands on the first game in nearly every way imaginable. Better visuals, more diverse missions and even power suits that grant Tomba! special abilities. The platforming gameplay retains all the classic charms and touches that make the Tomba! series such special games to experience and are truly a platform gamer’s dream. The swine won’t know what hogtied them.

This is the authentic Japanese import version of Tomba! 2. Players looking for help with translation will be able to find documentation on the MonkeyPaw Games website at:

Tomba! 2: The Great Adventure Features:
•The first time Tomba! 2 is available as a digital download
•Imaginative levels, tight controls – a platform gamer’s dream
•Suits that grant Tomba! special abilities
•Explore some levels freely with a top-down view

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