Top City Racing 2014 (iOS, An, WP8)

Azerbo is proud to announce that Top City Racing 2014 is now available for free on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Start your engine and take part in forbidden races in highly detailed 3D cities!

Choose your vehicle from Muscle Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Buggies, Monster Trucks and 4X4 and reach the first place before your competitors!

Collect bonuses and avoid the police roadblocks on the track! Use nitro boosts and make big jumps to overtake other racers!

Play in 3 different play modes and unlock all the vehicles of the game!
Join this fierce competition and put your driving skills to the test!

Top City Racing 2014 features:

•3D cities and vehicles – Highly optimized HD graphics and smooth physics simulation.
•15 amazing vehicles including Monster Trucks, Muscle Cars, Trucks, Buggy, SUVs and 4X4.
•Hours of gameplay – 15+ Tracks involving Races, Duels and Challenges that will test your abilities.
•Car upgrades – Choose from Turbos, Racing Tires, ECU tweaks and engine tunings to make your car the ultimate competitive monster!
•Play as you like – 2 different types of controls to choose from.
•Achievements – Go for perfection on every race to become a Driving Legend and complete the other many achievements of the game.
•Competition – Compete on the world’s leaderboards or against your friends for top scores!

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