Track Down The Trace As It Launches On The App Store

British award-winning games developer Relentless Software is pleased to announce its crime-solving, murder mystery puzzle adventure, The Trace, is now available for a range of iOS devices priced at £3.99/€4.99/$4.99. As a premium title, The Trace is free of advertising and In-app purchases so you can enjoy your sleuthing without interruptions.

Step into the gumshoes of Detective Sam Pearce from the Baltimore PD and lead the hunt for a vicious murderer. Your assignments – search for clues, examine the evidence and solve the puzzles that will lead to a watertight conviction.

Designed from the ground up for tablet and mobile devices, The Trace’s highly detailed and interactive 3D environments, coupled with an atmospheric soundtrack and an intricate storyline scripted by David Varela, writer of Sherlock: The Network, will seamlessly draw players into Baltimore’s murky underworld.

You’ll become a dab hand in clue-finding with the intuitive game controls which allow you to navigate from room to room, zoom in to study 100’s of objects with ease, and scan for hidden evidence to help you solve this most puzzling of homicides.

In order to deliver the best possible gaming experience across multiple Apple devices, The Trace’s development team has utilised the latest iOS feature sets such as Metal Rendering and iCloud saves and supports iPhone 5 and above iPad 2 and above.

The Trace will be coming to Android devices in the near future.
Don’t miss a clue – detectable on the App Store here.


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