Trainz: A New Era

Brand New Features, New Routes and Sessions, and New Levels of Realism! Trainz: A New Era is the most realistic and visually stunning train simulator for PCs, taking the simulation genre to new heights! Explore the world of today or relive the glory days of railroading with stunning graphics, realism and accuracy. The next best thing to driving a real train! Features: New graphics engine Brand new routes and sessions Real lighting and shadows Real-time physics feedback and editing tools Optimized for panoramic & close-up views Unlimited seamless streaming Super elevated track Realistic cab sway and external train motion Smoke and weather affected by world objects Track Blocks (Signal Boxes) Procedural animated spline junctions In-game navigation system Multiplayer Multi-window support Improved in-game browser Expanded sound library. Configurable control schemes In-game downloadable content system Access to 250,000+ free downloadable items Backwards compatible 4 New Routes! Hinton Division: U.S., 1950 ECML KX Edinburgh: U.K., 1976 Healesville: Australia, 1910s Special Kickstarter County Tribute Route Plus access to free downloadable routes

Product Features
Includes the all new E2 Graphics Engine
Larger, more detailed routes and environments
Lighting that automatically casts shadows from all solid objects, including terrain
Fully detailed and animated pedestrians, passengers, wildlife, cars, trucks and, of course, trains
Realistic environmental effects, such as locally modeled environmental conditions, including cloud formation, volumetric fogging, localized train and snow effects, wind-blown trees and grass, and more

System Requirements
Platform: Windows 7 / 8
Media: CD-ROM

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