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Wizard Crusade: Rescue The Queen

Crave Creative Games (http://www.cravecreative.com/) is pleased to announce Wizard Crusade: Rescue The Queen.

You are a Wizard who must save the queen from deep in the dungeon. You must fight your way through the monsters and save the Queen for a reward. You will get coins for killing monsters and from treasure chests at the end of each level. When you find potions and chests touch them to use them. Be warned that some chests also have negative effects. You will need to buy mana on the upgrade screen to use your powerful spells. As you progress through the levels, more powerful spells will be unlocked. You may need to go through a dungeon level several times to get enough coins to buy mana for the next level, so use your spells wisely. Touch the key at the end of each level to unlock the next level. Hurry and save the Queen because the kingdom is counting on you.


– 6 Different Spells
– Mana And Health Potions
– Treasure Chests
– Save The Queen For A Reward
– Battle Monsters
– Skull Monsters Have Magic Powers

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