World of Tanks AR Experience on Google Play

Taste true power with World of Tanks AR Experience on ARCore.

Download World of Tanks AR Experience and celebrate the launch of World of Tanks 1.0 with life-size tanks. Discover rare war machines in detail, take photos and create videos, and share them with your friends.

NOTE: In case you do not receive an automatic notification from Google Play, please ensure that you have the newest version of Google ARCore installed before running the app.

Your smart device becomes a window into a raging battle between the Soviet T-44-100 (R) tank, the German Tiger I tank, and the German Junkers Ju 87 Stuka dive bomber that you can navigate and view from any angle. You won’t find the T-44-100 (R) in any museum, but the World of Tanks AR Experience app allows you to unleash this armored beast in your own living room, gym, sidewalk-anywhere!

• Works on ARCore compatible devices only
• Experience life-sized World War II-era tanks and planes
• Take a virtual tour of theT-44-100 (R) tank featuring technical characteristics and historical notes
• Take photos and create videos with AR vehicles, with saving and social network sharing options

• Make sure you have enough room, because you’re about to see full-scale AR vehicle models
• Instructions are included with the World of Tanks AR Experience app
• Don’t miss the opportunity to make your AR experience complete: walk around the tanks and examine them in full detail