Microids launches “Gourmet Chef Challenge-Around The World”, its brand new hidden object game dedicated to the cooking universe on iOS, PC, Mac and on May 20, on Android.

After the success of “Alice – Behind the Mirror”, Microids keeps having the hidden object game fans drool over with its brand new title about more delicious themes. In “Gourmet Chef Challenge – Around The World”, the player takes part in an international cooking contest. Puzzles, reflex games, riddles and hidden object sequences unveil in the course of the adventure to challenge the player’s dexterity, creativity and sense of deduction. Even though some trials might challenge some players, the game is easy to control, making it accessible to the largest possible number.

The player embodies Juliana, a young cook who works in a small American diner. A real cordon bleu, she dreams of proving her worth in the gourmet cooking industry. When she finds out about the “Gourmet Chef Challenge – Around the World” contest, it is a great opportunity for her, so she decides to be part of it. To help Juliana face her fierce opponent, Kyle and win the contest, the player travels in more than 15 places throughout the world. Each place offers hidden object games and themed mini-games (in Italy for instance, the necessary ingredients to make a pizza must be found and placed in the most optimal way to be baked).

Every time a challenge is won within the set time, the player gets points. He must get the highest possible score in order to take it to the next level and win the contest. He can also get bonus points if he is fast enough during the various challenges.

As the player progresses, new destinations are unlocked and unveil objects and ingredients to collect to create some recipes (cooking tools, vegetables, fruit…). The player gets to discover new places and know local meals thanks to high definition images.

Thanks to an interactive interface, it is possible to check the inventory that gathers all the collected objects at any time and to get some help (reminder of the objective or clues during the hidden object sequences).

The new Microïds title invites the player to discover through the contest the gourmet cooking universe by playing.

“Gourmet Chef Challenge-Around The World” is available since May 15 2014 on iOS, PC, Mac and on May 20 on Android in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.

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