XEZI: A Silk Road Adventure (Video)

Inspired by classic trading games and RPGs, brothers Yusuf and Firat Turk would like to announce that XEZI: A Silk Road Adventure is available on iOS with a fresh update. XEZI is a trading game with turn based combat and an interactive story. You play as a merchant on a quest to save the world. You travel on the Silk Road from Rome to Chang’an. In your travels you meet a diverse cast of characters from different cultures and often end up in hilarious situations as you try to solve the mystery of XEZI.

Saving the world, one joke at a time. You have a caravan that you can customize. You travel through over 20 historically significant cities, buying and selling goods. Further you get from the source, more of expensive a good gets. Silk is really expensive in Rome. Traveling costs gold and you’re always in the danger of running out of gold if you don’t manage your costs and profits carefully.

The vicious bandits attack you from time to time. To protect yourself, you hire mercenaries. You fight the bandits in a turn based strategic card game. Each card has a strength and a weakness. To succeed you must build a balanced deck, especially in the late game.

Your village is destroyed by a mysterious plague. As the sole survivor, you learn about XEZI, an unknown substance that can cure the plague.

The story sends you off to the ancient Chinese capital of Chang’an and gives you a direction. After that it leaves you to explore it at your own pace. Interactive story gives you multiple choices to approach most situations. Things often take unexpectedly funny turns and twists, leaving you to make some sense of it all.


•Customize your caravan
•Travel through over 20 cities
•Find the best prices and make huge profits
•The further your get from Chang’an, the more expensive silk becomes
•Manage your costs and profits

Turn Based Strategic Card Game:
•Build your deck of mercenary cards
•Find the perfect balance, exploit the enemy’s weakness

Explore The Story:
•Funny story full of twists and turns
•Explore the story at your own pace
•Meet the wacky, diverse characters
•Make your choices, shape your story
•Save the world, one joke at a time

Device Requirements:
•iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
•Requires iOS 8.0 or later
•285 MB

Pricing and Availability:
XEZI: A Silk Road Adventure 1.2 is $2.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.