Zabuza Labs’ Duplex Is Transformed From Double Run Game To Multiple Run Game.

Duplex is a completely new take on runner games. It is endless, excellent multiple running game which tests your reflexes and concentration power.

In the original version, the game appeared in only one single ‘Classic Mode’. Considering the popularity of Duplex, we updated the game by adding 7 exciting and challenging modes and 27 achievements which keep you engaged with the game.

As the game requires sound eye-hand coordination, Duplex was quickly picked up by ‘speed cubers’ community’ (people who solves Rubik’s cube really fast). So we dedicated one new mode for cubers.

Other modes include 3 lanes, 4 lanes, mirror lanes, separate controls for separate lanes etc.

The current high score on classic mode is 899. It’s very difficult to beat that score.

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