The Zombie Infection You’ll Kill to Spread – Infectonator Hot Chase Free on iOS and Android!

Toge Productions, the masterminds behind the zombie apocalypse Infectonator action-strategy game we’d die to play, today launched the side sequel Infectonator Hot Chase. Published under Armor Games, whose titles Kingdom Rush and The Last Stand: Dead Zone have become global sensations, Infectonator Hot Chase amps up the apocalypse by letting the player rule the mayhem in a quest to dominate the world!

Infectonator Hot Chase is available for FREE on both iOS and Android devices.

Infectonator Hot Chase lets players infect the innocent, transform them into zombies and wreak havoc on civilization, all while winning the heart of a lucky (or perhaps unlucky) news reporter. Obstacles be damned in the quest for true love! With new zombies, upgrades, power-ups and boosts, the undead are more alive than ever before!

“The Infectonator series has always had a brand of fun that’s been – well, infectious,” said Kris Antoni, CEO and co-founder of Toge Productions. “We’ve created Hot Chase with what our players love most, allowing them to discover the new upgrades and power-ups that provide a fresh take on the rotting flesh they crave.”

Key features include:
•Upgrade your zombie’s speed, health and much more
•Unlock new zombies with their own unique powers
•Collect mutation power-ups and boosts and transform into powerful zombies
•Collect coins to buy upgrades that help spread the infection faster
Grab your mobile device and start the zombie chase today!

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