4 Corner Games Announces Plans for the Future of I’ve Got to Run!

4 Corner Games, developer of successful indie title I’ve Got to Run! has four big announcements to make regarding future plans for the game.

The first big piece of news is the announcement of the two previously unannounced pieces of DLC. The two modes, Endless Flip and Endless Flight, will join the previously announced Endless Expert mode and complete plans to double the amount of day one content through DLC. Endless Flip is, to many, the hardest of all six modes, and sees the iconic character Roy the Marshmallow Boy running with a double jump – from right to left, that is! Simple to understand, mind-boggling to play, Endless Flip is sure to be a hit with players of all skill levels. Endless Flight sees Roy gaining an absurd number of jumps, but sees flying obstacles joining the path as well. Can Roy survive Endless Flight’s plight? It’s up to the player when it releases later this year.

Additionally, 4 Corner Games is able to unveil further information about the forthcoming title update for the North American Wii U™ release of I’ve Got to Run! This title update offers players support for the Wii U™ Pro Controller, introduces automatic saving functionality to the game, and improves user experience in the menus as well as introduces minor improvements to the stability and performance of the title.

The European release of I’ve Got to Run! will be the updated version from Day One, and will launch later this year. More details will come as soon as they are available.

Fourth, 4 Corner Games is excited to announce I’ve Got to Run: Complete Edition!, a multiplatform release of the original game containing the three aforementioned additional modes. I’ve Got to Run: Complete Edition! will first be released as a soft-launch on PC, Mac, and Linux based platforms through the publishers’ site at 4cornergames.com. This is so that fans and players of every region and territory will have the opportunity to run with Roy. A closed beta of the PC/Mac/Linux version of Complete Edition! is taking registrations beginning immediately. Please visit the above site to learn more.

Quickly following the launch of I’ve Got to Run: Complete Edition! for PC, Mac, and Linux platforms, the title will become available on the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo 3DS™ family of systems, as well as one other platform. The additional platform will be announced shortly. Both versions will feature a seventh mode exclusive to that platform. The two exclusive modes will be announced at a later date. I’ve Got to Run: Complete Edition! is targeting a simultaneous North American and European launch across all platforms.

Finally, 4 Corner Games would like to offer a peek into the company’s future projects. 4CG is currently pursuing five titles. One of those five is I’ve Got to Run!, focusing on the forthcoming update, DLC, and European release, with another of the five being I’ve Got to Run: Complete Edition! 4 Corner Games is also working full time on a console action/adventure title. Regarding this title, internally known as MMM (not actual title), platforms are locked down, but will be announced at a later date. MMM is being actively pursued, and is targeting an early-to-mid 2015 simultaneous multiplatform release. There are two other titles in production, yet are being passively pursued. There is nothing more to announce regarding these titles.

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