Attention Warriorz of the Technofuture! LAZA KNITEZ!! Launches March 12, Exclusively on OUYA

OUYA has today announced that LAZA KNITEZ!!, an award winning local multiplayer game from Copenhagen-based Glitchnap, will launch exclusively on OUYA on Wednesday, March 12. In LAZA KNITEZ!!, players assume the roles of four ultranoble warriorz and take to a field of mindblowing hypercombat to decide the fate of all possible futures…or to decide who is the best at galloping around outer space, jousting their friends.

Winner of the Indie Sensation award at the 2012 Nordic Game Conference, LAZA KNITEZ!! is a fast-paced, minimalist deathmatch game that has delighted players at numerous independent game expos and events since 2012. On March 12, hypernoble ultrawarriors everywhere will be able to play the game with their friends, for free, on OUYA!

Please check out the launch trailer for LAZA KNITEZ!! at

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