Bloody Zombies on Nintendo Switch

Video game publisher nDreams and Paw Print Games have announced their E3 award-winning co-op brawler Bloody Zombies is available for Nintendo Switch™, the new home gaming system that people can also take on the go.

Bloody Zombies on Switch features extensive multiplayer support, with online and local co-op brawling for one to four players. Set in a London wasteland, bloody zombies have taken over the city and four survivors must fight together to beat back the rotting hordes across the game’s full campaign. Bloody Zombies’ highly refined freeform combat is both an evolution and refinement on genre greats, featuring an expansive, unlockable moveset that can freely be chained into brutal, discoverable combos. With extensive support for the Nintendo Switch console, Bloody Zombies features full controller and play mode support, allowing you to go from TV to handheld to table top and play with your preferred controller input.

“We’ve gone to town to create a game that is a truly modern evolution of the brawlers that we love,” said Antony White, Co-Founder and Director at Paw Print Games. “With extensive multiplayer options, an expansive campaign, and a combat system inspired by some of our favorite titles, we’re sure it will be enjoyed by genre fans and anyone else who cannot resist punching a zombie in the face!”