“Fist of Jesus: the bloody gospel of Judas”, the well received beat’em up zombies game, now free on your phones!

Humor meets gore in the mobile game based on the epic award-winning short-film ‘Fist of Jesus’.

Something went wrong with Lazarus’ resurrection and the world is now full of Zombies.
Help Jesus and Judas to heal the zombie infection using amazing combos, divine punishments and special attacks like the JudasKAMEHA and FALLING STARS from heaven!
Cowboys, the Roman army, mythological creatures and steampunk technology come together in this arcade beat’em up, all packed with lots of fun!

The game is a cocktail mix and inspired from Turtles Ninja 4, Pocket Fighter, The Simpson arcade, Dragon Ball, Spaghetti Westerns, Braindead and the Monthy Pythons.

What else could you want?

• 60 levels of full humour gore story
• Tons of zombies, mini-bosses and surprising bosses
• Unlock special abilities and upgrade your powers
• Unleash divine punishments, amazing combos and tons of special attacks
• Complete your reliquiae collection to get better upgrades
• Make Miracles to continue the story
• Fast heads-up duels
• Awesome music and sound FX
• Game script by the same short-movie Director
• Tons of achievements

The game is free to play and includes in-app purchases for leveling up your weapons, XP and more!

Watch the game trailer here! http://youtu.be/RlY8Gh92NOc

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