Bubble Beat Music Game

Music game has been a very popular game category for a long time, and there are a lot of music games out there on App Store, so why is Bubble Beat special? Because Bubble Beat is simple, pure and easy to start, players like the game when they actually play with the music, and Bubble Beat will provide players: fast play, easy to start, really big song collection, and free to expand of song collection with players songs, player can play a game at any time, any where with any song.

Bubble Beat is scheduled to release on September 2nd 2014, made for iOS platform by indie game developer WOD Studios, it is a simple and adictive game that can be played from a few minutes to hours, the basic mechanism is to tap the screen as bubbles rise, and the music plays.

When starting to play, player is free to choose any instrument from a song, notes will rise as bubbles from the bottom of screen to the top. Each bubble moves inside one of five tapable rectangle areas on the screen, when player taps on that rectangle, the top bubble in that rectangle bursts, and plays the music note, with a beautiful animation. There’s a line near the top of the screen, the closer to the line when bubble bursts, the higher score will be added, and the song will sound better of course, so basically, just burst the bubble when it gets to the line, easy to start. But hard to master. Player needs to focus on the screen when bubbles rise and the fingers must move very fast when bubbles come up a lot at the same time, but with more practice, the player will play as a musician, anyway it’s a game, nothing boring music theory stuff need to be learned, just fun, play and enjoy it.

There are multipile modes for playing a song:

Perform Mode: Normally play with this mode.
Practice Mode: When a song is tricky, start with this mode.
Autoplay Mode: It is very nice to watch others(Robot) play and enjoy the beautiful bubble burst animation with music.
Competition: There are some selected songs that are suitable for competition (new songs will be added from tiem to time), and see who gets more points, with all players around the world.

Device Requirements
iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
iOS 7 or higher

Pricing and Availablility
Bubble Beat is free to play and will become available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games Category on September 2nd, 2014. Review copies are available upon request or download from App Store.

Bubble Beat was inspired by an old PC Game – Virtual Orchestra Studio, known as VOS on early windows platform (windows 98, windows 2000, windows xp, etc.), which was really addictive and with lots of fun to play, won’t run on newer windows any more, many new game extends the basic game mechanism and extends it to much bigger games, add stories, RPG elements, and MMO abilities, and require more time to proceed. However, many players still miss the old VOS, because it was simple, direct, player can easily enjoy the fun when focusing on the screen when notes fall, eyes work with fingers and that beautiful music plays, and that’s why Bubble Beat was made.

Bubble Beat is simple and pure, designed for iPhone and iPad users to play on small devices. It comes with more than 400 songs, and any other song in MIDI format can be imported and played for free, so it has infinite content to play with. (MIDI is a very popular format of music, it has very small size, and very high quality, and there are countless resources for almost any music you can ever find, end with extension ‘.mid’).

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