Monkey around with puzzles in Bubble and Squeak, the addictive new bubble popping app for iPhone!

Bubble and Squeak, a unique new game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, has today been launched by Focus Multimedia – one of the UK’s leading independent mobile app publishers.

Developed by award-winning indie studio The Game Creators, Bubble and Squeak offers players a fresh new twist on the popular genre of bubble popping games.

Players must help two cheeky monkeys, Bubble and Squeak, escape from spooky Pirate Island. Gamers must complete each level by clearing an array of different coloured bubbles. This is achieved by matching three or more bubbles of the same colour.

What makes Bubble and Squeak stand out from other games in this genre is its variety of power ups and obstacles which help or hinder the player. These include powerful Ball Bearings that can burst entire clusters of bubbles, and Paint Bubbles which release droplets and change the colour of any other bubbles they hit.

Bombs and spinners can also be aimed precisely to achieve bubble chain reactions. Indestructible skulls and spikes will force the player to adopt clever strategies in order to beat certain levels.

These are just some of the exciting features that make the journey on Pirate Island even more fun. Gamers also have to cope with the rising tide which will creep up the screen and swallow them up if they are too slow. Fortunately some bubbles contain sponges which will absorb some of the water!

The family friendly game boasts two different game modes: Puzzle, where players must race against the clock to pop all the bubbles, and Survival, a more casual gaming experience.
Players of all ages and gaming abilities will be kept busy for hours with over 100 cunningly designed levels.

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