No Musical Skills Required! Jam Like a Rockstar Today with the New ‘Jam’ Music App for iPhone from DreamWalk Interactive

Australian developer DreamWalk Interactive announced today that Jam, a new song-creation app for iPhone, is now available for download. Perfect for anyone who dreams of becoming a star but might not have the vocal ability, Jam allows users to create original songs that can then be shared with friends. Featuring unlockable musical style packs, award badges and streamlined social sharing tools.

”Jam enables absolutely anyone to create original music, regardless of their musical abilities or experience, and best of all it only takes a few seconds!” says Joe Russell, General Manager of DreamWalk Interactive.

Using Jam is simple. First, choose a musical style from a variety of style packs ranging from pop-rock and hip-hop to punk rock, 80’s dance music and more. Then sing, talk, or rap into the device. Jam will automatically detect and adjust the pitch, key and song structure to create a completely unique song – no two tracks are ever the same!

Users can publish their songs to in-app Jam charts and invite their friends to listen via Facebook and Twitter. Earn badges and royalties for each published track to unlock additional style packs, grow a following of fans and even get signed to one of four Jam record labels.

Jam features include:
§ Original song creation in seconds!
§ Social sharing tools and built-in social network for following artists and “liking” songs
§ Unlockable musical style packs
§ Virtual royalties and award badges
§ Four unique record labels to sign the best “Jammers”

Jam for iPhone - DreamWalk Mobile

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