The Capri Connection, The Third Chapter Of The Capri Saga Trilogy Will Be Available Soon!

S-G Software, an Italian indie developer studio, and the Italian publisher Adventure Productions are proud to announce the publication of the third Adventure game of the Capri Saga trilogy, thus completing the saga after the first two games already published: A Quiet Weekend in Capri and Anacapri the Dream. The Capri Connection will be avaliable from July 3th 2014 in digital download from Zodiac Store ( and from the developer’s website ( The game will be also available in retail version in fall 2014.

As the two previous games, The Capri Connection is a first person point and click PC Adventure game based on pictures and animations set in real places. Most of the characters are real people interpreting themselves in what they do in their real life. This time The Capri Connection’s set is not not only the Capri island, but also in gorgeous locations nearby such as Positano, Amalfi, Pogerola, Procida and Naples. The graphical interface is the same as the two previous games. The new game can be played in Adventure or Walking mode and in four language options: Italian, English, Italian with English subtitles and Italian with French subtitles.

The Capri Connection may be played with no previous knowledge of the first two games. However, it shares some characters with the other two games of the trilogy and mostly consolidates the trilogy within an unified frame, based on Parallel Universes and on Chaos theories. Full details are shown in The Trilogy page of the web site
A contest is set for the Adventure gamers. Rulese can be found in the page Info/Contest on The first person to solve the game will receive a plaque attesting his speed and ability in solving Adventure games. The names (or the nicknames) of the first five classified will be published in the contest web page.

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