Small Chronicles Chapter 1: Key of Light and Darkness Finally Available Now!

Fellow adventurers, in these couple of weeks, get ready to experience a whole new world that you could never have imagined. WhiteSponge today announced that Small Chronicles Chapter 1: Key of Light and Darkness, finally went live this day on May 13th and is now available for download at no charge from the Apple iOS App Store.

View the new launch trailers here:
Kon’s version –
Lyea’s version –

At launch, players will be able to journey across Arystonia, battle a huge variety of monsters, unlock and grow their characters, in an attempt to stand up against the unknown evil that has abducted Kon’s sister.

Available from launch, headgears, a special type of equipment that providing bonuses to characters when equipped, will be unlock-able right from the start. If that wasn’t enough, headgears also allows for character customization, which will stand out especially during player face-offs in PVP league matches.

Small Chronicles Chapter 1: Key of Light and Darkness will give you the experience of:

Ω Venturing into the world of Arystonia as Kon or Lyea, each with their own unique skill sets and stories that intertwine with each other

Ω Engaging in combat against other players, winning trophy stars and for a spot in the top leagues for the awesome ruby rewards!

Ω An All-New equipment growing system that allows your equipment to become better as you use them more in your journey across Arystonia

Ω Unlocking easter eggs for hidden secrets, characters or new perspective on the story and lore behind the world of Arystonia

Ω Enjoying the original Japanese voice-overs while the characters tell their perspective of their journeys

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