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Finally! Kingdom Rush: Frontiers Marches onto Android

Ironhide Game Studio today announced the world’s most devilishly addictive tower defense game, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, is now available for Android for just $2.99! Return to Kingdom Rush’s intoxicating world of dwarfs, dragons, and furious tower-defense gameplay as you enjoy flashy new towers, levels, and heroes. It’s like a catapult-load of awesome features launched straight into your face… and it hurts so good!

Rush Google Play and download the game now.

With myriad improvements over the original, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers for Android features:
•Eight Special Towers – Blitz the battlefield with new units like spooky necromancers, dead-eye crossbow-women, and even earthquake machines… shake things up, literally.
•Exotic Levels – Fortify the frontier across three new terrains in desolate deserts, lush jungles, and the caves of the underworld ruled by the great Dark Lord. Oh, you thought spelunking was already scary enough?
•A Whole New Horde – Slice, sizzle, and stomp more than 40 would-be assailants, from cursed mummies to mystical genies. What were you expecting? More goblins? That’s so 2012.
•A Heap of Heroes – Throw down the gauntlet with 11 fully customizable heroes like Grawl the stone giant and Captain Blackthorne the renegade corsair. Yo-ho!
•Bells and Whistles… and Giant Sandworms – If you like widgets and doo-dads, well… we’re chock full of ‘em. 70 achievements, unlockable weapons, and even a Dragon that will set your enemies on fire — all that and plenty more.
Don your armor, sharpen your blades, and channel your fighting spirit with the game’s preview trailers for heroes like Ashbite the Dragon, Blackthorne the Pirate, Mirage the Assassin, Cronan the Beast Master and Alric the Warrior.

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