Caveman Wars, and your foes become ancient (pre)history!

AMA goes back in time with Caveman Wars: this prehistoric strategic tower defense game with cards. No need to blow the dust off your Nokia 3310 or GameBoy; the game is now available for free on Android and soon on iOS!

As a result of an unknown cataclysm, food is becoming more and more scarce. Your tribe is being assaulted by endless waves of enemies enticed by your foods. Protect your hut against cavemen, sabre-toothed tigers and other prehistoric creatures; you could even come up against a T-Rex!

In this tower defense game, with its unique and original 2D graphics, you will have to repel ever more powerful enemies using your combat cards. Fire, ice and weapons will be your main resources to annihilate the menace; use them according to the weaknesses of your opponents.
Lead the counter attack strategically, across three progressively difficult terrains and various landscapes .

Collect bonuses on the ground and even cards to strengthen your offensive power and reach the top of the evolution pyramid through the leaderboard.
Share your score to know who the most evolved caveman is amongst your friends!

“Don’t touch my food or I’ll end your species”

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