Combat Strategy RPG Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars Launches for Mobile

Indie developer Innospark is proud to announce the launch of its action-packed combat strategy game Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars for iOS and Android. This exciting new game, which features competitive battles, powerful Hero units, and multiple play modes, is available now for iOS on iTunes and on Google Play for Android, and completely free to play.

Hero Sky transports players to a magical, sky-bound realm to create their own flying fortress and build a varied army of valiant soldiers and massively powerful Heroes armed with godlike powers. Unlike other combat strategy games, Hero Sky makes these mighty Heroes available from the very beginning of the game, and lets players collect, customize, and evolve more than 100 more to add to their forces as they do battle with other players or conquer more than 50 single-player dungeons. Players can also join Guilds—influential associations of players that can pool their resources and Heroes to vie for dominance in the game’s upcoming Guild Wars mode.

Hero Sky offers the distinctive ability to play the game in multiple modes, including Fever Mode, which grants bonus after five consecutive victories, and Quick Battle for even faster skirmishes. The game also offers a completely new, real-time defense mode with Hell’s Gate, which pits players against the relentless forces of Hades. Players can also avail themselves of unique battle tactics like the Trojan Horse, which transports troops into the heart of an opponent’s camp, while mixing and matching their Hero collection to create unique armies that match their individual play styles.

Hero Sky was developed by Innospark, an independent studio based out of South Korea founded by the creators of the smash-hit, #1 top-grossing game Rule the Sky. The game is available now on iOS and Android.

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