Mushroom Wars: Space! – Mobile Sequel of the Legendary Real-Time PlayStation® Network Strategy Game in the App Store Now

Zillion Whales, leading mobile games publisher and producer, announces the global launch of Mushroom Wars: Space! on iOS. This is a sequel to the famous real-time strategy game Mushroom Wars, which quickly rose to the top of the game charts and has received critical acclaim, being repeatedly featured by the App Store and Google Play editors.

Can you hear jet engines roaring? The epic online strategy game Mushroom Wars is heading off to space. The brave mushroom folks are back and this time they are up to conquer the entire galaxy. Mobile gamers stand alert to join the crusade against evil alien outsiders in the different worlds of Mushroom Wars: Space!.

The game’s story-driven, fast-paced real-time strategy and iconic visual style epitomizes arcade skirmish gameplay. Simplicity and addictiveness, a variety of tactical combat possibilities and single player adventures make the sequel exciting even for beginners in the strategy genre, while the real-time online multiplayer battles challenge the mastery of cyber sport fans. The goal of the game is to capture the enemy’s buildings, increase the army andgain control over territories in the dynamic PvP and single-player battles.

Mushroom Wars: Space! retains the best features from the original game, offering many fundamental upgrades:

· ALL-NEW SINGLE-PLAYER SPACE ODYSSEY. 58 levels of the campaign include new buildings, abilities, battle layouts and interactive objects such as the Ring of Fire and Ice Nova.

· TRIPLE MULTIPLAYER VALUE. Combining strategy and tactics on the same screen, players can clash online with up to 3 opponents simultaneously on 30 balanced maps. To show off their skills, there are multiplayer leagues for competing with other players of equal levels.

· SPELL CRAFT. A new level of tactical control over the course of the battle for the player. Over 20 unique active and passive spells – such as Total Freeze, Acceleration, Instant Capture, and many more. Spells are crafted from ingredients obtained in multiplayer battles.

Players can immerse into the game in Chinese, English, French, German, Indonesian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese languages.
“With Mushroom Wars: Space!, we want to bring the game to the next level, creating the first-ever mobile cyber strategy game. The project attracts even those who have never played anything other than the match-three genre. However, it has a strong community of hard-core players. Thanks to the real-time multiplayer mode, we will be holding eSports championships in Mushroom Wars,” said Andrey Korotkov, producer of the game. “We are excited to be delivering the Mushroom Wars: Space! mobile gaming experience to players worldwide, and we can’t wait to see Mushroom Wars fans in Space.”

Mushroom Wars: Space! is available worldwide for free on iOS now, and the Android version will follow soon. Let’s go!

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