i-Free Innovations Brings the Legendary Real Time Strategy Mushroom Wars to iPad Gamers Worldwide

i-Free Innovations, a leading Russian mobile game and app publisher, together with Creat Studios, a successful PlayStation®Network game developer, announce the iPad version of a legendary Mushroom Wars RTS.

Originally released for PlayStation®Network by Creat Studios in 2009, Mushroom Wars became one of all-time top 25 games for the platform, according to IGN.

Mushroom Wars’ story-driven, fast-paced real-time strategy and quaint visual style brings arcade skirmish gameplay to the forefront. An unknown enemy has made mischief among forest inhabitants, and once friendly neighbors begin to combat each other. The player must lead one of the forest tribes, unite the neighbors and repel the enemy, battling in close-quarters with accessible, straight-forward controls.

The iPad version beautifully captures all the original features that made Mushroom Wars such an outstanding success: all-round gameplay, pacing, depth, narrative and re-playability. Three types of touch’n’swipe controls have been designed especially for the iPad version of Mushroom Wars, plus new missions and weekly Facebook friends tournaments have been added.

“Together with Creat Studios, we designed the iPad version of Mushroom Wars to be an extremely intuitive introduction to the real-time strategy genre. While easily and quickly picked up by novice gamers across the board, we retained its wealth of deeper challenges for experienced gamers,” said Nadezda Antsiferova, Publishing Director of i-Free Innovations. “We also plan to add the online multiplayer mode as early as February 2013, which will allow the user to compete with up to three online opponents.”

Device Requirements:

iPad and iPad mini
iOS 6.0 and later
Size – 165 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Mushroom Wars for iPad can be found on iTunes App Store at $2.99. The game is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Turkish, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese.

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