Here it comes. Fit Music for Wii U: burning calories has never been so fun!

O2 Games, a company that has been operating from years in the wellness industry, announces the online release for Europe of Fit Music for Wii U for this May 15 and this May 22 in USA, its last and innovative title that exploits all the potentialities of the new Wii U to make the game experience realist and engaging.

In a virtual and minimalist background, designed by a team of psychologists, the European fitness champion Patsy Salviato, in the role of a real personal trainer, will lead the players through the different steps of the training. Thanks to the personalized difficulty levels – easy, intermediate and pro – Fit Music for Wii U is perfect for both beginners and veterans of physical activity and it goes far beyond the game: its main goal is to be a tool for professional training.
You can choose between two different modes: the funny Fit Dance mode, which will allow you to move and train to the beat of 15 international dance hits, and the Training Mode, which includes a large choice of dynamic training programs.

Fit Music for Wii U is compatible with the Balance Board, it has a useful calorie – counter function and, for each training schedule, it provides for warm – up and cool – down functions.

“It is not and it doesn’t want to be a game, but a real training program”, says Sergio Pisano, Editor in Chief of O2 Games. “Fit Music for Wii U has been realized in collaboration with Antonio Giordano from the SHRO of Philadelphia and the Human Health Foundation. It’s a collaboration that becomes concrete with the launch of the Fit Music for Wii U campaign called Fight Obesity, because the psychological well – being has always been our goal, the most important.”

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