Crash Drive 2 multiplayer racer crashing out on mobile

Summary: Following the big success of Crash Drive 1 on mobiles and web, the game makes a return in a sequel for Mobile, Mac, PC, Linux and Web. Every aspect of the game has been improved and on top of that this sandbox/freeroam race game now features unique multiplayer gameplay. Crash Drive 2 has launched on Android and iOS today.

With over 5 million mobile downloads and over 25 million web plays, Crash drive 1 was worthy a successor. This successor, Crash Drive 2, is now proving itself on the app stores as it launched today. The game is rated very high on the app stores and according to the games developer M2H there are already over 2500 players playing multiplayer matches at any given time.

The multiplayer side of Crash Drive 2 is worth noting. The multiplayer system is cross platform; Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android and Web will all compete against each other. Players are automatically matchmaked and thanks to the cross platform there are always loads of players to play with.

We’ll be hearing more from Crash Drive 2 in the coming weeks as it’s definitely heading for the top spots in the app store charts. Crash Drive 2 is NOW available on iOS and Android

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