Death Skid Marks, launching this week on STEAM.

This week all decency will be forgotten, streets will be flooded with the blood of unrocking people and thrashing mullets will dominate as DEATH SKID MARKS will finally be unleashed upon this defenseless and untainted world on November the 21st, a date which will live on forever in the minds of those who will survive it.

Like a flailing haircut thrown in a giant death metal mosh pit seasoned with nailed baseball bats, players will be cast into an apocalyptic world of frenzied road combat ultra-violence as they try to survive the hellish road trip through route 666 to the ultimate shit kicking concert this drab and limited universe has ever seen.

On their way, our brave wasted crusaders led by Mark Skid, the dashing scumbag, will face righteous genocidal religious fanatics, “peace” keeping constables, degenerated goose-stepping supremacists, mutated trailer park hillbillies and frenzied fanatic groupies. The highway will be littered with their broken earthly remains as our heroes will soldier on for the most noble cause of all: getting their eardrums blasted to oblivion.

Drive, kill, die and drive again.


-Trashy humor and art.
-Original metal/rock/punk soundtrack featuring 50 tracks.
-Frenetic top down hardcore car combat action.
-A full run that lasts around 1H30, replay often but die often.
-Completely random levels, infinite replay value.
-30 achievements that all unlock new content.
-32 vehicles to drive.
-Over 70 different items to buy.
-Gambling mini-games.
-Weapon Workshop and Mad Science Lab.
-16 hitchhikers.
-11 bosses and over 50 different enemy types (not counting variations).
-14 different game modes.

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