The Empire Expands – Autumn Dynasty: Insurrection on iOS

Touch Dimensions, a multi-award winning developer of video games, announced today that Insurrection, an expansion to the Autumn Dynasty series will be available for iOS on Jun 12th. Players who own Autumn Dynasty: Warlords will get Insurrection free as an update.

Insurrection introduces new elements to Autumn Dynasty: Warlords, which focused on empire management, diplomacy, espionage and all-out war. Strive to gain hegemony of the lands in a beautiful painting that comes to life with every stroke of the brush! Autumn Dynasty: Warlords will also be available at a discounted price of $4.99 from Jun 12th to Jun 19th.

View the expansion trailer at and download
Manage every aspect of your feudal empire: build epic cities, raise armies, recruit generals and take on unscrupulous quests. Fight your battles in real time, against a wide range of opposing forces, each with different military techniques and unit types. Engage in espionage, alliances and lay traps to conquer your foes and expand your lands. Insurrection is a true real-time strategy game that lets you shape and bring upheaval to the Autumn Dynasty’s history!

Autumn Dynasty: Warlords and Insurrection features:
· New Warlords and scenarios: New unique and custom-written scenarios further expand on the previous 100 hours of gameplay
· Non-linear campaign: Small decisions can change your empire’s destiny
· In-game interactions: Send your officers on missions: engage in diplomacy, espionage or sabotage
· Riveting missions: Decide the fate of your empire through an expanded selection of officer missions and quests
· Strategic flexibility: Employ different types of troops, issue decrees and select the best officer to lead them to victor y
· Randomly generated battle maps with distinct terrain: Beautifully rendered in oriental watercolor style
· Pre-battle deployment: Arrange troops and lay traps for greater devastation
· Control points: Take control of strategic locations within a battlefield to overwhelm enemies
· Imperial relics: Acquire rare relics and use them to your advantage
· Retina display optimized
· iCloud Compatible with Game Center achievements

Autumn Dynasty: Insurrection is available for iOS starting Thursday, Jun 12th at the discounted price of $4.99

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