Garden Tale, strategy-RPG game, has released on Steam

PLAYISM announced that Garden Tale, from Bonion Games, has released on and Steam.

Garden Tale
Garden Tale is a Strategy-RPG game where you defend the Garden Kingdom from an invasion from the Zoo Empire.
Build and command a party, each with a unique skill set, to counter the coming attack. The game features a turn-based system based on a grid. Move your units around and take your foes out before they can overthrow you.
But Garden Tale boasts a unique feature that adds to the gameplay. Bonions!

Bonions are onion-like plants you will find spread across the map. They originally come from the Garden Kingdom, and are grown for food. However, when under attack, they can also double as a weapon.
Deplete a Bonion’s HP to 0 and it will explode, causing damage to all those around it. Use this to your advantage in battle as you lure enemies into explosive traps.

The Garden Kingdom, a land filled with beautiful gardens.
One day, the long-undisturbed peace was to be broken, when a certain incident occurred. Zoolians, beasts from the neighboring Zoo Empire launched an attack on Garden.
You and your friends are the first to react to the crisis as people’s lives are attacked and threatened. But the further you all progress through the battles, and eventually enter the Zoo Empire, you learn that things are not as they appear…


  • A 2.5 simulation strategy RPG.
  • Adorable characters with a large variety of skills to master.
  • Multitudes of strategic moves involving Bonions that act like bombs.
  • An enticing story to discover.