Yukie: A Japanese Winter Fairy Tale released

Yukie: A Japanese Winter Fairy Tale

As the story evolves and develops, Yukie: A Japanese Winter Fairy Tale plays out in as a vengeful winter tale. Bringing together family ties and revenge, this winter-world will bring you to the edge of good, evil and all in between.

Follow the tale of a young man, Yukiji, who is the final avenger of this world. He seeks vengeance on the demon Yukie, who has subjected the world to an Eternal Winter.

Proceed in a movie-like fashion as the journey to the snowy mountains to slay Yukie takes many twists and turns. As the story blurs between vengeance and seduction, Yukiji’s purpose and desires are called into question as he wields his sword.

What makes Yukie stand out from other narrative-based games is how well the art, musical score and writing fit together, creating a captivating atmosphere of Yukie’s cursed yet beautiful winterland.

The demon Yukie has subjected the world to an Eternal Winter, feeding off the lives of humans for countless years.
The First Man was drawn from the world of story by Yukie. They fell in love, but one day the man disappeared, and Yukie fell into madness, thriving in an eternal winter.

Yukie’s children all have blue eyes, proof of their lineage. It is a fragment of their mother’s power of the snow. Those men who possessed power unknown to mankind were burdened with the fate of killing Yukie.

…But every one of them fell defeated before her.

Our hero, Yukiji, is the youngest heir to that lineage. The final avenger of this world.
Ready your blade, and make your way to the mountain where Yukie resides.


  • A theatrical story to piece together as you journey through each chapter.
  • A unique battle experience.
  • A variety of different skills and attacks to discover and use.
  • Fully voiced scenes.