Fairy Mix: a magic potion match-3 appears on App Store and Google Play

The fascinating adventure of the little Sorceress in the Lands of magic potions continues! Nika Entertainment, a Ukrainian startup and casual games developer, has announced today that its highly anticipated match-3 Fairy Mix had appeared on App Store and Google Play.

The game already attracted over 2,000,000 players on social platforms and in May, a month after the release, Fairy Mix entered Facebook TOP 100 grossing. The audience is crazy about collecting all the possible combinations of miraculous potions and reviving the Magic Garden corrupted by the evil Witch. Fairy Mix is a good brain challenge and is full of innovations, ranging from an original level design, super elements and special effects, to a non-standard spiral game map and unique balance.

What makes Fairy Mix really fascinating is the meta-gameplay. It successfully combines the match-3 mechanics with the possibilities of constructing and crafting, which is custom tailored for women 35+ years of age. The majority of players use the meta-gameplay in Fairy Mix permanently.

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