Thrilling Detective Puzzler Mystery Match out on Google Play and Amazon

Multitudes of intrepid Apple gamers have been enjoying Mystery Match, the latest hot puzzle game from mobile publishers Outplay Entertainment – and now, more gamers can join in the fun, on Google Play and Amazon!

Combining intuitively addictive match-3 puzzle gameplay with a captivating tale of mystery and detection, in which Edwardian sleuths Emma Fairfax and Julian Beaumont untangle a series of clues left behind by shadowy 18th century inventor, Alexander Knight.

With dozens of captivating puzzle challenges, set in exquisite locales from 1930’s London, enchanting Venice and the Pyramids of Cairo, player can match jewels and race against friends to clear each gripping stage and reach the top of the leaderboard – ultimately unravelling the final challenge of the mysterious Knight.

“We’ve played a lot of Match-3 style games and we’re big fans of the genre,” said Richard Hare, President of Outplay Entertainment. “Adding the mystery components and building a compelling story around the gameplay in Mystery Match was very important in order to give players a reason to engage with the game and progress beyond just beating the next board.”

Begin the hunt for clues right now on the App Store Amazon and Google Play to get matching!

• Enchanting free to play jewel-matching fun
• Captivating game modes and complex puzzles
• Enthralling challenges over dozens of levels and spectacular settings
• Join a detective duo to unravel the mystery of Alexander Knight
• Invite friends across social media to experience the mystery

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