New Face of Match-3: Fantasy of Elements Released on Google Play

Free Elemental Match-3 newcomer, Fantasy of Elements, has been released on the Google Play Store. In a mobile game market weighed down by candies and clashing, Pocket River introduces something new to freshen your game library.

Already a smash-hit on iOS App Store, FOE springs into action for Android users in this exciting matching game. To break from the monotony of the columns and rows matching, players must crash elemental magical orbs together by dragging in order to power up their Guardian team’s attacks. Combined with a unique story, hundreds of Guardians, and the ability to power-up and evolve your team, FOE gives the players the freedom to choose their own direction of gameplay and the endless variety of Guardian teams they can create.

Fantasy of Elements has its core emphasis placed on the matching element, but it borrows attributes from various genres and is sure to delight the fingers of a diverse group of mobile gamers. FOE combines adventure, matching, card collecting, and role-playing in one small package. This gives the players of varying interests a reason to enjoy this beautiful and well-designed title.

Fantasy of Elements is available now on the Google Play Store for free. The game was released on November 18th and is available worldwide.



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