Rising Empires, the epic 4x strategy game, released on Google Play

Two versions of the epic 4x turn-based strategy game for Android were released on Google Play September 21st: the free and ad-supported Rising Empires and Rising Empires Premium with additional content. The premium features two additional playable races, the fast breeding Krant and the versatile Dwarves. The game will also be available from Amazon, Opera, SlideMe and other app stores in the near future.

Rising Empires Premium is a new strategy game in a fantasy setting with six playable races, all with unique abilities, which compete for control of all the land on the Surface and in the Netherworld. A unique troop creation system allows each empire to design its own troop types to employ in the struggle for dominance. Four neutral factions also struggle to survive among the larger empires.

The game has been in an open beta stage during the last few months and has been well received by the players. At the time of writing the beta version is installed on 1,716 devices and has been downloaded 5,060 times. Many reviewers compare the game to classics like Civilization and Total War. One player writes: “Exactly the type of game I’ve been hoping for.” The average rating is 3.9.

Rising Empires has been in development since early 2011 by the independent studio Hellhound Interactive. At Hellhound Interactive, we strive to create smart phone games which give a deeper gaming experience. The studio is owned by the two brothers Johan and Peter Norberg. Rising Empires is their first game for the Android market.

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