40 Zombies announcement

Startup developer “Pixel Dilemma” is pleased to announce “40 Zombies”, a very hardcore grindhouse style arcade/puzzle/platformer set for a 2-15-14 release. You play as Bad Ass Jimmy the Slob, an ex-prison guard who lost his job when he was caught selling shanks to inmates. Out of work and out of shape, Jimmy is pissed and plans on taking out his frustrations on a massive horde of zombies.

The easiest way to describe the game is “a mix of Pac-Man and Dead Rising.” Jimmy has to rescue 5 chicks from each level ( saving 3 of them will clear the stage, though any girls who turn into zombies will then come back in the next level as the undead). Jimmy has one main weapon in his arsenal: Brains. He can collect “brain coins” and use them to buy full-sized brains and use them to lure zombies away from chicks.

40 Zombies will have a very old school arcade feel to it. In fact, Pixel Dilemma is building a handful of limited edition arcade cabinets for 40 Zombies to be used at retro tournaments, and one will be given away to the skilled gamer who reaches 1,000,000 points first. The game will be very difficult. Definitely a coin-eater at heart, though skilled gamers will progress through the levels an master the game as they would any classic title.

The game features a very grainy grindhouse style popularized by 70’s cinema. Though these films had a very bloody/sexual nature to them, 40 Zombies is a game anyone can enjoy without being offended (unless you’re offended by the sheer ridiculousness of the game).

40 Zombies is set to release first on PC and Mac on February 15, 2014 with console/handheld/iOS releases to come later in the spring.

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