Halfbrick steps into a magical world Top Farm, available now worldwide

Halfbrick has joined forces with Brazil-based mobile developer Vostu to bring its successful Top Farm game to a worldwide audience, launching December 18th on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Google Play and Facebook. This partnership is set to build even more momentum for Halfbrick’s publishing initiative, with Top Farm being the third game to launch this year.

Top Farm gives players the chance to escape from the noise and stress of a modern life, move to the countryside to explore, build and grow their perfect haven of nature! With a bright, colorful and vibrant 3D land to nurture, Top Farm brings a hint of magic and something special to fans of farm and building games.

A big part of the Top Farm adventure is focused on organic crops and clean energy. To power the tools necessary for getting delicious produce on plates, the farm must utilize only solar and wind energy, taking care of that digital carbon footprint! Farms also have recycling plants to ensure all waste will be used for good, either turned into new products or organic fertilizer.

The story doesn’t end there! Top Farm boasts a huge number of crops, animals, building and more to create. Sell your goods via delivery trucks, take to the skies and visit friend’s farms with the new Biplane, and meet all kinds of unique characters along the way. This has everything fans of the genre have come to expect, with an extra touch of magic and Halfbrick’s commitment of support and ongoing quality updates.

Players who enjoy the game across multiple devices and platforms will have their games synced automatically, so progress can be made at home or on the go!
Top Farm will be available worldwide on December 11th as a free download with optional in-app purchases.

Launch trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OkDjKmVLUI

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