Adventure classics Secret Files Tunguska + Secret Files Sam Peters now available as 2-in-1 bundle on the App Store

The popular point-and-click adventure Secret Files Tunguska and the interactive novella Secret Files Sam Peters by German development studio Animation Arts are now available on the App Store as a value-for-money “Secret Files Bundle”, offering more than 15 hours of captivating mystery gameplay for a total price of US-$ 4.99 / EUR 4.99 / GBP 2.99. Both games feature, among others, strong female protagonists, gripping story lines and clever riddle design as well as complete voice-overs by popular dubbing actors from TV and cinema. The one-time purchase of the Secret Files Bundle grants full access to both games in their entirety. There are no episodic unlocks or other in-app-purchase. The Secret Files Bundle can be downloaded from the App Store for the above-mentioned price via

About Secret Files Tunguska:

Help Nina and Max, the adventurous protagonists of Secret Files Tunguska, to solve a variety of challenging quests and elaborate riddles as the title’s fascinating plot leads you to the most remote corners of the Earth. Travel to exotic locations, explore rich sceneries, engage with interesting characters and collect useful information. Unravel a mystery that remained unsolved for more than a hundred years!

About Secret Files Sam Peters:

When alien DNA is spotted in the genetic code of algae living at a crater site in Ghana, sassy reporter Sam Peters goes after the story of her lifetime. Before she can start her research at Lake Bosumtwi, however, she has to cleave through the wilderness and escape feisty jungle animals by day and demon-like creatures from African folklore by night. And soon she has to ask herself, whether a creditable article on the front page of an esteemed science magazine is really worth risking her life.


• Two full “Secret Files” games as universal apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.
• All content from day one! No micro-transactions or in-app purchases!
• A combined playing time of more than 15 hours!
• Play as Nina and Max in the original game, and Sam in the spin-off.
• More than a hundred exciting locations all around the globe.
• Dozens of NPCs with individual background stories.
• Tons of clever puzzles, demanding quests & challenging riddles.
• High-quality graphics with amazing attention to detail.
• Full voice acting by popular dubbing actors in EN, DE, RU, PL, FR and ES (Secret Files Tunguska) as well as EN and DE (Secret Files Sam Peters).
• Spot-on touch controls made for mobile.

Secret Files Tunguska and Secret Files Sam Peters require iOS 7 or higher and run on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. For more information on these two games in general and the Secret Files saga in particular, please visit (game) and (publisher).

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